Play me I’m yours by Luke Jerram

Play me I’m yours by Luke Jerram

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Posted March 30th, 2013 by 1001pianos

Play piano on the street with streetpianos

Have you ever heard about Luke Jerram ? This British artist had the crazy but cool idea to put pianos on the Streets allowing everyone to play on it. By putting his pianos everywhere in the world, Luke Jerram’s artwork quickly became successful. He multiplied the experience in several cities and encountered each time a great success. When does a piano come into my streets? Answer here on streetpianos website… and if nothing is planned near you, don’t worry you can request a piano to come in your city …

My personal story with Steetpianos

Once upon a time in summertime, I was coming back from a personal trip in south west of France (Bordeaux). My TGV (a very high speed French train) was quietly arriving in Paris, at Gare Montparnasse train station. It was the end of the afternoon, I remember. I came across the station when my eyes were immediately attracted by this curious “grungy style” upright piano that stood right there in front of me. A guy was there playing a nice piece with determination and passion. He was here in the middle of this huge train station, surrounded by some interested or fascinated people like me, but seemed to be alone in its bubble, forgetting everything. He was like at home concentrated in the execution of his work, playing with precision and determination. I was wondering about him, was he some kind of street pianists that we sometimes encounter in huge cities (like in Châtelet-les-halles in Paris)? Then I saw those words written on the piano: “Play me I’m Yours” and everything became clear. This guy was a passenger like you and me and this piano was here for everyone, for him, for her, for me! What a nice idea. I listened a while and went away as I was on the run…
Some months later I went in London for a business trip when I saw the same piano in Kings Street Saint Pancrace international station. I discovered that this artwork was not unique. I had a look on the indicated internet website and learnt that it was in fact a really interesting, structured and huge project.

Play me I’m yours, a nice story

From the beginning in Birmingham to now there are approximately five million people in the world who played or listened to one of Luke Jerram’s piano. And this number is constantly increasing as many cities commission the installation of new pianos, the internet website even proposes to ask for pianos in your city.

Luke Jerram thought about streetpianos as he was washing his clothes at his launderette when he noticed that those people, who came regularly and stayed there without speaking to each other, were missing a social link. A piano was for him obviously designed to be this link as it could occupy the space by its presence, its sound and its soul.This idea became immediately successful, and the artwork has been installed in a lot of places since this time.
Visit the streetpianos website to learn about the project, look at photos and see each city website (each town has its independent website exhibiting pictures and videos)… and why not request your street piano ! Also enjoy some videos here above.

Play me I’m yours on video

Young skilled pianist

An award winning pianist playing 30 street pianos Play Me I’m yours… must see

Singing while playing

Photograph by Claude Schneider Photography