Play a grand piano with a Kinect

Play a grand piano with a Kinect

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Posted March 25th, 2013 by 1001pianos

Composer Benjamin Martinson mixed Kinect technology and piano performance

For those who love technology, piano music, live performance and have a serious geek soul, this post is for you ! A composer named Benjamin Martinson had the good idea to mix these concepts by connecting a Microsoft Kinect camera with a silent grand piano equipped with motorized hammers. The result is interesting. When Benjamin moves his hands in fronts of the Kinect, this results as a key played on the piano, allowing the piano and the pianist to be disconnected. How it does work? The native system of the Kinect detects the movement of the player, these movements are then translated into a MIDI signal that plays the piano (lot of silent piano models are designed to play automatically by receiving a MIDI signal). Best is to discover the performance on video:

The performance video : play a grand piano with a Kinect