The abandoned piano

The abandoned piano

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Posted March 18th, 2013 by 1001pianos

A touching documentary on the last hours of a retired piano

This fortuitous made documentary realized by film director Anthony Sherin deals with the last hours of an upright piano abandoned on the street in New-York City. Although it has been filmed statically from the director’s window, this film is full of emotion and even poetry. Discover here the Solo Piano NYC documentary on video.

Solo, Piano NYC, an accidentally filmed documentary

This film has been realized in January after a big snowstorm that struck New York this year. Sherin was at home as he heard a piano sound. He immediately was attracted by this unusual event (we don’t find a piano in the street every day!). Every people stopped in front of the piano, each one doing or thinking something different. Some of them played the piano (and sometimes very well). Anthony Sherin began to take pictures and rapidly thought that the last hours of the inevitable destiny of this piano that was playing right here in front of him would be an excellent film purpose…and he did it. The result is a poetic pamphlet illustrated in the video, showing a kind of metaphoric accelerated life, or end of life … A must see. Accompanied by nice piano music, this film that has been projected in many festivals is surely promised to a nice future. The New-York times honored it in its Article Solo Piano NYC. 1001pianos invites you to discover this usual documentary on video.

Solo, Piano — N.Y.C. on video